Large Universal Sunshade

Small Universal WIDE Sunshade

Small Universal Sunshade

  • Pulsar III
  • Lancair 320-360
  • Sonex  (also Sonex Special)

The Koger Sunshade that fits many  Non-RV Aircraft and LSA's is our "Large Universal" shade. It is 35" long and 34" wide and attaches to clear plexiglass canopies with 3M Very High Bond (VHB) double stick tape. We have used this tape for over 15 years and it has proven to last and remain attached securely, even in hot, sunny climates.  

The Large Universal and Small Universal sunshades are tapered in front to conform to the shape of the canopy. They are straight across the back. By installing the shade backwards it also fits a number of sliding canopy aircraft. 

To the right are partial lists of some of the aircraft which use the Large Universal SunShade (35"L x 34"W, and aircraft with smaller canopies that use the Small Universal SunShade (25"L x 30"W).

The WIDE Sunshade (25" L x 34" wide) is also available.  It is the same length as the Small Universal (25"), but the width of the Large Universal (34"), so it provides more shade for aircraft with smaller canopies.​​

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 Koger Sunshades  for NON-RV Aircraft

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small universal

large universal

  • Arion Aircraft - Lighting
  • Breezer
  • Cirrus - SRS
  • Dynamic
  • Europa Aircraft
  • Evektor - SportStar
  • Falco - F.8L Falco
  • Lancair - Legacy
  • Mustang - II​
  • Sport Aircraft Works - SportCruiser
  • Sting - StingSport
  • Texan
  • Zenith -601XL and 650