Ralph Koger

At age 93 Ralph has retired from Koger Sunshades, and sold the business to Jeff Lorimor.  Jeff joined him as a partner in 2010 and has learned the business.  All Koger Sunshades will still be handcrafted by Jeff and his wife, Peg (who is a superb seamstress), out of American made parts in their shop, now in Earlham, Iowa.

Although Koger SunShades were originally designed for the RV series of homebuilts, we have adapted them to fit many other designs, including Light Sport, gliders, and high wing aircraft. We can fit almost every type of aircraft.  If we can't make it work we'll tell you.  

Koger SunShades were developed in 1996 by Ralph Koger, of Boone, Iowa (pictured right). Ralph is the builder of a Wright Award-winning RV-4, and an award winning RV-6A.
As Ralph finished his RV-6A, digital instruments were just becoming popular with their green LED lighting. In an effort to increase instrument visibility, he started to experiment with sun shades. Ralph brought the same exemplary craftsmanship to the sunshades that he did to his aircraft. The result was the KOGER SUNSHADE